Girls shares fitness journey from 70 kg down to 49 kg

We often hear about weight loss journeys shared online by people who want to inspire others to stay fit in order to avoid diseases. After all, health is still the most precious wealth anyone can possess.

This is the same with the case of a netizen who shared her amazing weight loss journey from 70 kg to 49 kg.

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According to a long post shared by, Tyrine Nika Mabanag, she confessed that all throughout her journey to achieve her dream body, all she did was the occasional jogging and disciplining herself to only eat oatmeal daily as a substitute for meals.

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Mabanag also revealed that because of her body size back then, she was often shamed by the people around her. Some would often hear people saying that she could have been pretty only if she wasn’t ‘fat’.

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She admitted that these criticisms really affected her self-esteem, it even came to a point where she felt really depressed.

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But, instead of letting those harsh words get to her, what she did was make them as a motivation to discipline herself more in order to achieve the body of her dreams.

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Back in December 27, 2017, Mabanag started her fitness journey which now has affected her life in a positive way. She now feels more comfortable and confident with her body.

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At the end of her post, Mabanag encouraged everyone by leaving a strong message which states, “if you really want something to happen, it will happen. Do not let yourself by influenced by negativity because it is only your will that prevail in the end.”

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