This millionaire is laid to rest with gold chains after being soaked in expensive wine

When the moment of death comes close, people often leave their loved ones with a request on their funeral day. It can be for the welfare of the remaining family members or just a request that should be done during the burial day.

In the case of this millionaire, his death wish is somehow really peculiar that it became a subject of talks online.

According to viral thread, 33-year-old Sheron Sukhedon was known for being a “world boss” who posed at every available opportunity with his signature gold chains, his funeral was nothing short of insane.

He was doused in Moët champagne and driven to his final resting place in a $150,000 Bentley just moments before his body was cremated.

The father-of-two was killed outside his wife’s home in Trinidad and Tobago. Reports say that armed men shot him while they were passing by the street.

Because of Sukhedo’s extravagant lifestyle, there are rumors that many people hated him.

It was believed that his death was orchestrated by members of the Rasta City gang who had been plotting to murder the millionaire’s used car dealer for years. There were also reports that the rival of the said gang has been protecting the 33-year-old all these years.

Sukhedo is pictured below in his coffin wearing his infamous jewelry, which is believed to have been removed before he was cremated. Sukhedo’s extravagant send-off is his way of showing his enemies that despite what they did to him, they still cannot get their hands on his riches.