Jackque Gonzaga aka “Ate Girl” gives an exclusive tour of her humble home in Antipolo

Jackque Gonzaga or more commonly known as “Ate Girl” first made a name for herself after she became the “apple of the eye” of the famous comedian/TV host, Vice Ganda. From being just a simple dancer, she was give a once in a lifetime chance to be on the spotlight and she did not let go of that chance.

She has now become a household name for most Filipinos and many are looking forward to her interactions with Vice Ganda.

Despite the fame she has now, only a few details are known about her personal life. Well, allow us to give you more tidbits of information on who “Ate Girl” really.

In real life, she is known as Jackque Gyl Gonzaga, 23 years old and a resident of Antipolo City, Rizal. Jackque is the youngest child among six siblings and is the only daughter in the household.

Luisa Gonzaga (Jackque’s mom) confessed that Jackque always had passion for dancing ever since she was a child.

On Rated K’s interview with Ate Girl, she confessed that she was overwhelmed with the support she is getting from all her fans. She also did not expect that she will be give such a huge break that changed her life.

On Rated K’s June 10 episode, Jackque willingly gave viewers a tour of their family home in Antipolo, Rizal. Overall, the home looks really organized considering that there are a lot of males who live there.

Jackque also shared that she likes to sleep with stuffed toys which her fans gave her.

See the full video of Ate Girl’s story here: