Couple bought this old locker, later found a hidden pirate treasure worth 26 million pesos

In the US, a show called “Storage Wars” have made headlines for several times after it featured rare finds in discarded storage rooms.┬áStorage Wars, on A&E, is one of the channel’s most-watched shows, attracting an average 4.7 million weekly viewers during its last series.

This time, the show became trending again after its hosts manage to sell a storage room but later found out that something more valuable was inside it.

TV auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson, who front the U.S. reality show ‘Storage Wars’ auction off foreclosed lockers without them – or the buyer – knowing what is inside. Although the pair considered the sale they made as their most prized sale yet (which was at $1,000), they were unaware that the storage locker contained 200-year-old pirate treasure worth $500,000 or approximately 26 million PHP.

In a report by Daily Mail, pirate treasure was found in the locker which was later described as ‘Pieces of Eight Spanish Gold’ from between the 16th and 19th century.

The biggest beneficiary from the treasure find was ofcourse the buyer, who had gambled on the sale without having any idea what was inside the locker. It’s safe to say that the buyer really had luck on his side considering that he innocently just purchased the property without any other intentions in mind. He became instantly rich without even trying hard to do so.

The box of coins found in the locker was so heavy that it required three people to move it out of storage. An appraisal expert has since valued the locker’s contents at $500,000.