This restaurant will give you free meal if you can pass through their metallic gate

Restaurants or other food establishments have various perks or tricks in order to attract more customers. The usual stuff includes a discount in their best seller meals or a buy one take one promo.

This particular restaurant in China decided to make a very unique promo to attract their customers. They offer free meals provided their customer satisfy one condition. They should be able to pass an entrance which is made from a metal bars with a narrow set of space between them.

This particular trick is now known as the “metal gate challenge”.

The metal bars are arranged in tiers from the narrowest to the less narrow ones. The tightest tier is just a mere 15 centimeter wide if a customer manages to pass through, they can be rewarded with a free beer and a free meal.

The restaurant owner typically, only one person makes it through per day and that person has always been female.

Meanwhile, the largest tier which is about the half size of a door comes with the sarcastic question, “Are you sure you should be drinking beer?”

Zhao Lang, the restaurant owner confessed that the now viral “metal gate challenge” only came to his mind accidentally. It started when the entrance to the restaurant was broken and the customers and staff had to squeeze themselves in order to enter.

Lang also said that his only aim for creating the challenge is for people to be mindful of their diet. While it is considered a pleasure to eat, one should always be mindful of the amount of food they eat in order to avoid health complications later.

See the full video of the restaurant here: