Doctor pulled out “living creature” from a patient’s nose that complains about frequent nosebleeding

Oftentimes, there are certain symptoms we feel from inside our bodies. Most of the time, these symptoms come unexpectedly which is why most people just ignore these symptoms in the hopes that it will just heal on its own. However, we should not take any symptom for granted as it may be the indication of a huge abnormality that is happening within our system.

Just like in the horrible experience of this 51-year-old man. The man was reportedly suffering from nosebleeds for more than 10 days was recently horrified to find out just what had been causing him all of this pain and suffering.

Shanghaiist reports that the old man finally decided to go to the hospital in Beihai, Guangxi after his wife claimed to have seen something peek out of his nostril before disappearing back up his nose. The wife failed to identify what that thing was so they tried to seek the help of a medical professional.

At the hospital, a doctor determined that there was indeed something foreign living in the man’s right nasal cavity. In some truly stomach-turning footage, the doctor is seen using forceps to widen the nostril and reaching in with tweezers, plucking out a monster of a leech.


Many are now intrigued as to “how” did the monster leech manage to get inside the man’s nostril. Well, the man explained that he believed the leech entered when he was drinking “fresh” mountain spring water while he was working in rural Yunnan province just a week before the incident. At the time of its arrival, the parasite was likely only as big as a hair, but it had had quite a lot to drink since then.

May his experience serve as a lesson for everyone to be extra careful and always be careful of every kind of food you take in.

If you are brave enough, you can watch the full video here: