Viral “Jolliboy” who eats imaginary fried Chicken finally gets to eat it in real life

There may be a lot of videos that circulates online from day to day but there are just certain ones that manage to capture the hearts of many netizens. There is no set standard as to what kinds of videos will go viral, it mostly depends on who and what the subject is doing.

Just like in the case of this cute little boy who went viral online after he was caught on cam ‘daydreaming’ that he eats a fried chicken.

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In a video uploaded by Facebook user Yna Devera, a boy was seen ‘eating’ a fried chicken out of a photo advertisement from the outside of Jollibee.

At first, it seemed that he was just trying to touch the chicken however, moments later, he tried to put his hand in his mouth as a gesture that he was ‘eating’ the fried chicken.

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Many netizens found the post hilarious, many also noticed the overwhelming cuteness of the boy and at the same time some also felt pity towards the little boy.

Because of the huge buzz the video created on social media, it was no longer a surprise that it has reached the authorities of Jollibee.

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The staff of the nearest branch to the boy’s location decided to visit the boy in his home to deliver buckets of fried chicken so that he can freely eat to his heart’s content.

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Lucky for this boy, his innocent but honest and candid gesture earned him the precious gift of finally being able to satisfy his craving.