Ice cream vendor picks the wrong woman to play his tricks with

They say laughter is the best medicine, this is probably why most people often ten to make fun of things around them in order to feel better. However, there are certain cases where a supposed ‘joke’ gets too much and unexpected reactions occur.

Just like in the case of this ice cream vendor who messed with the wrong customer.

In a viral video posted by Womenpu Yi Yang, it can be seen that a girl wearing ang oversized white shirt was waiting for the ice cream she ordered at a stall on a sidewalk. She gladly smiles towards the vendor while patiently waiting for her order.

But, it seemed that the ice cream vendor had plans of making fun of the girl. The vendor first lets the customer hold the ice cream but retracts it just moments later. This happened for two times before the vendor finally handed in the ice cream to the customer.

Throughout the whole ‘joke’ of the vendor, it seemed that the customer was having fun too as she can be seen smiling shyly.

Well, looks can be surely deceiving as the said customer had quite an unexpected reaction to the supposed funny gesture of the vendor. When she got a hold of the ice cream, she suddenly raised her hand while doing the ‘dirty finger’ sign.

Because it was not captured in the video, we can only imagine how the vendor must have reacted.

Meanwhile, many netizens found the post even more funnier because the girl’s reaction was really surprising.

See the full video here: