5 dance moves that are banned in Korea

When one hears the country Korea, what comes to mind first is their colorful and creative songs and dances that have somehow managed to capture the hearts of people all over the world. With their flashy choreography and bizarre fashion ideas, more and more people are getting drawn to the so-called “Korean Culture”.

However, did you know that the Korean Government has strict rules and regulations when it comes to the contents shown by the media to its citizens? In fact, there are certain “sexy dance moves” that are completely banned in the country.

1. 4 Minute – Mirror Mirror

In the music video for Mirror Mirror, there was a certain part where the members had to kneel to the ground and spread their legs apart. However, when the group tried to perform their song on TV Networks, the said move is completely axed in their whole choreography.

2. Sunmi -Full Moon

Well, it could have been better if the Korean government plainly declared that any move that includes any sort of leg-splitting will be completely banned. Sunmi, the famous solo performer in the Kpop world performed a “sensual” leg split in her music video for her song called full moon. In order to perform the said song on live TV, she had to redo some of her choreography.

3. 4L – Move

Well, it may be safe to say that this certain dance move is really “too sexy” that even other countries may decide to ban it. Although 4L members seem to be having fun while performing their dance, it was rated 19+ by their media regulatory board and wasn’t allowed to be performed on stage.

4. AOA – Mini Skirt

As the title suggests, one can expect that there will be a lot of ‘mini’ skirt’ scenes in the video. However, it was really unexpected that a seemingly innocent little butt wiggle was completely banned on Korean Television. Because their music video for the said song included a lot of these wiggling moves, AOA was completely banned from performing on all non-cable networks in Korea.

5. EXID – Up Down

From its title, one can already foresee that there will be a certain part of the song where a body part has to move up and down. In the case of EXID, the hip thrust that they did on the music video was deemed too risque for public viewing and they had to come up with something different in order to perform.

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