Woman finds her boyfriend’s name on the guests’ list of her BFF’s condo and bursts in tears when she opened the door

Love may be something that a person can feel in just the blink of an eye but choosing to be in love with the same person for a long time is does not just happen automatically. It may be hard to do so at first but it is all worth it in the end.

This is what is proven by this inspiring love story shared by a girl through the Facebook page FEU Secret Files.

According to the said post, this anonymous girl came from a very conservative family. There we many things that she is prohibited to do and it was emphasized to her that she is not allowed to be in a relationship until she is 25 years old.

However, when she got to her 4th year in college, she started feeling jealous towards her friends who were in a relationship. Because of this, she decided to finally say YES to a suitor who has been pursuing her for two years already.

Their relationship went fine until a year already passed. Then, her boyfriend started to ask her for a kiss which she repeatedly declined. Their relationship lasted for three years without even a kiss happening between them.

Still, the guy patiently waited for the girl’s consent. Until the day before their 5th year anniversary came. The girl received a call from a friend out of nowhere claiming that her boyfriend is having an affair with her bestfriend.

The informant instructed the girl to visit her bestfriend’s condo the following day for her to know the truth.

The girl did so and was shocked to see her boyfriend’s name on the guest list. She started to feel a lump on her throat. Still, she decided to carry on.

When she opened the door to her bestfriend’s condo, she was really surprised with what lay before her eyes.

Her boyfriend was there with her bestfriend together with the rest of her family members.

Marriage_ proposal

Then, the guy knelt with a small box on his hand. He opened it and he said, “Happy 5th anniversary baby. Will you marry me?”

The girl could no longer contain her tears as she gave him her sweet YES.

Their story really inspired a lot of netizens that the said post became viral with over 500,000 reactions and 100,000 shares. Indeed, true love is worth the wait.

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Posted by FEU Secret Files on Wednesday, 24 December 2014