Nurse shares experience to a playful soul of a kid that didn’t survive in an abandoned room near her station

There are certain number of jobs that require a person to work on night shifts. Call center agents, police officers, firemen and nurses are just a few of these jobs. We can only imagine the kind of struggle they have to go through as they do not only cater to the needs of their customers but also fight with the urge to sleep.

Aside form these given circumstances, there are also certain instances where not only things seen by the naked eyes challenge the night shift workers but also those that only show up in unexpected times.

Just like in the story of this Nurse which she shared through the Facebook page University Secret Files. The anonymous story sender revealed that she has been working as a nurse in a public hospital in Manila for 6 years already.

Senior female doctor examining happy child, smiling.

Back when she was still a newbie in the said hospital, she was assigned as a night shift worker at the pediatric ward. There was one instance when her companions left her alone in the nurse’s counter. As it was already 2 AM, she just tries to fight off her sleepiness by checking the records of her patients.

Suddenly, a child came running out of nowhere. The child was holding a toy and went running in the hallway until he finally stopped in front of a room as if trying to see someone. As the nurse was about to approach him, he came running to the end of the hallway where the storage room is located.

Then, her fellow nurse came in and asked what she was doing. The nurse only answered that she was just trying to check on something.

Another incident happened while she was on duty at about 3 AM. Again she was left alone and was trying to shrug off the sleep in her eyes when things from the nurse’s table suddenly fell and she heard the laughs of a child. Then, she heard that someone was calling her from underneath the table. When she checked, she saw a child full of bruises and very pale.

She was shocked by what she saw and somehow woke up with the adrenaline rush that she felt. When her fellow nurse came back, he told her the story that there was once a patient who died in the said ward and since then, he kept showing up to the nurses there.

It is really a horrifying experience for the nurse but she simply had no choice but to get through with it just like her co-nurses did. We just hope that the child someday gets the eternal repose that his soul needs so he can finally rest in true peace.

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Posted by University Secret Files on Friday, 1 June 2018