Are you ready to ‘belong’ with the new fashion trend called “Nanay Outfit”?

Fashion is universal. There is no defined standard as to what and how a person should wear a certain piece of clothing. It is up to that person to still carry themselves with pride and dignity no matter what clothes they wear.

Also fashion changes from time to time, it is never permanent. The tastes and preferences of various generations change with no fixed basis which is also the same thing with fashion.

However, with the current trends in the fashion sense that we have now, can we truly say that it is evolving for the betterment or people just innovate their styles just to have ‘something new’.

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Recently, the trend of the hypebeast kind of fashion style has taken over the archipelago with just the blink of an eye. Oversize shirt, printed shorts, knee-high socks and shoes is the most common type of the hypebeast clothing. Because it is readily available to everyone, these type of fashion was taken positively by the masses.

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Now, here goes yet another bizarre fashion trend that might make you think twice before considering buying these types of clothing.

What we are talking about is the “Nanay outfit”.

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Recently, a Facebook user named Alyssa Santos uploaded a candid photo of three young men wearing daster dresses. Those ones that are often used by moms or soon to be moms. The group was photographed as they were merrily walking inside a mall.

It also seems that people around are also stunned by their peculiar fashion taste.

Nevertheless, most netizens find the post hilarious and amusing at the same time that it became an instant trending topic on social media.

Well, would you dare to wear these type of clothes too?