8 deadly creatures found at the Amazon

The Amazon Rain forest was also known as Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest in the Amazon biome that covers most of the Amazon basin of South America. Because of the huge region covered by rainforest, it’s no surprise that Amazon also serves home to millions of species of animals.

Millions of species of animals present all over the famed natural habitat that includes both harmless and harmful creatures. So, here goes a shortlist of the 8 deadliest creatures residing in the Amazon as listed by Origin Explained.

1. Green Anaconda

As portrayed in movies, Anacondas are really deadly creatures. Although there are movies that sometimes exaggerate the size of animals, that is not true with the Green Anaconda. Records show that it can grow up to 20 to 30 feet in length and weigh about 200 to 500 pounds.

They can easily camouflage with the environment as their color ranges from black, green and dark yellow. When it comes to their prey, they often wrap themselves around huge animals before swallowing them whole.

2. Poison Dart Frog

These creatures may look small and cute but they are incredibly deadly. They are considered the most toxic vertebrate of all. The poison they carry is called Batrachotoxin – a kind of poison that affects both the heart and the nervous system.

A single Dart Frog which is about just 2 inches in size can carry enough poison to take the life of 10 men.

3. Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle is really an intimidating sight to look at. Its wingspan can be up to 7.5 feet and its body length can grow up to 40 inches. Its name was derived from the Greek mythology character Harpy which refers to a bird with the body and face of a human being.

Harpy Eagles are also known to have ‘no fear’ of humans, unlike any other creature.

4. Jaguar

The Jaguar is the largest cat species in the world. They can be 4 to 6 feet in length and can weigh between 100 to 250 pounds. The word Jaguar originated from the native American term, “yaguar” which means “he who kills in one leap”.

5. Brazilian Wandering Spider

While most spiders build webs and wait for their unsuspecting victims to be caught in their traps, the Brazilian Wandering Spider catches its prey be wandering through the forest ground. They are often referred to as Banana Spiders because they are sometimes found in Banana shipments from America.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider is considered extremely deadly. Someone who gets bitten by it may experience severe pain, sweating, high or low blood pressure. High exposure to its venom nay even cause difficulty in breathing and even loss of muscle control.

6. Black Caiman

The Black Caiman is a large carnivorous reptile belonging to the alligator family. This creature can grow from 13 to 20 feet. The usual prey for the black Caiman includes fishes and small mammals as its teeth is much useful for grabbing rather than tearing and ripping their prey.

7. South American Rattlesnake

These creatures are often referred to as the Neotropical Rattlesnake. They can grow from 5 to 6 feet long. Their venom contains two different neurotoxins: crotoxin and crotamine. Just one bite from these venomous creatures can result in pain, impaired vision, blindness, hypothermia, heart damage, paralysis, and shock.

8. Bull Shark

Sharks in the Amazon is probably one of the most unexpected things ever. But the bull shark is an exception because it can survive in both freshwater and saltwater. Bull sharks are given their names because of the way they treat their prey before eating them. They literally ‘headbutt’ them before deciding what to do next. It is reported that the main prey for the Bull Sharks are humans.

Indeed, these creatures are really deadly beyond compare!

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