Simon Cowell pushes the “X” button and insists that he wants Sacred Riana away on America’s Got Talent

Sacred Riana first became a trending topic online after she auditioned for the second season of Asia’s Got Talent. Her unconventional way of showing her talent became an intriguing issue which resulted to her performances being most anticipated by viewers all throughout the show which led to her being named as the Grand Winner in the end.

This time, Sacred Riana ventured into the United States to show her rather scary type of talents to the American audience. However, not all of the judges were pleased with what she did.

We are talking about the famous critique, Simon Cowell. During Sacred Riana’s audition on the show, she got to the AGT stage without speaking words — only facial gestures.

She dropped the doll she’s carrying as she began her performance — went to the panel while they were making a ‘cross’ sign. The young woman brought out a newspaper clip and photographs from a box. Put the photos on Mel B.’s desk and showed the newspaper, asked her to pick one. She chose “Bob”.

Simon, then, hits the buzzer to seemingly break the silence.

Sacred Riana took a picture of Mel B.

She later disclosed the complete newspaper article with the photograph of “Bob” — on the report. The panel was more spooked after showing the picture she took — it was “Bob” at Mel B.’s back.

“Look at that. No way. No way, now,” said Howie Mandel.

Three of the judges voted “YES” to Sacred Riana. Although they admitted that they were scared of her act but they want to see more of her in the future which is why they gave her a Yes.

On the other hand, Simon remained firm with his decision of hitting the “X” buzzer. He also suggested that Sacred Riana “watch more Disney movies” and insisted on saying no. When asked by Howie why he hit the buzzer, he said he wanted her to go away.

Riana is originally from Indonesia and is known for not breaking her scary character even after her performances on stage.

See the full video of her America’s Got Talent audition here: