For the first time, Andrea Brillantes explains why she has three calculator apps

Oftentimes, thee are certain videos on the internet which features ambush “what’s inside the bag” or “what’s inside the phone” interviews of celebrities. This is for the fans to get to know more about their favorite celebs simple life behind the camera.

However, videos like this can also spark controversy in an instant. Just like in the case of teen actress Andrea Brillantes. Previously, Andrea willingly shared the contents or apps she is using on her phone. After the video was uploaded on social media, some people noticed a peculiar thing on applications the actress has on her phone.

Specifically, the three different kinds of calculators that she has. Through the comment section, some netizens said that one of the calculators can be used to hide private data.


It became an issue on social media after many others confirmed that one of the calculators indeed functions as a private vault for photos and videos.

On her part, Andrea explained the reason why she has three different calculator applications on her phone. In her interview with PEP, she said that she could not understand why having those apps became an issue in the first place. She pointed out that she uses those to solve Math problems.

Andrea also disclosed that because she works as a full-time actress, she cannot focus fully on her school works which is why her calculators come in handy. The 15-year-old actress also revealed that she does not care what people may think because it was just plain calculators and there are a lot of things happening around us that needs more attention.

So, rather than making a big deal out of nothing, Andrea just shrugged off her bashers.

See the full video of her interview with PEP here: