Fishermen finds ghost ship suddenly appeared on the beach and found missing sailor inside

There are really people who love adventure more than anything in this world. They simply love the idea of traveling and exploring the world which is why they try their best to make this idea come to life.

However, not everyone who ventures into an across the world adventure can become successful. There are also other who meet an ill-fate along the way that will change the course of their entire life.

Just like in the case of a German sailor named Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59. Bajorat was declared missing for 7 years already before his body was discovered to have been in a mummified state inside his yacht which was seen floating around the globe.

The Youtube channel InformOverload reported that Bajorat’s body was found by two fishermen off the coast of the Philippines. Police reported that fishermen spotted the vessel floating with a destroyed sail in the Pacific Ocean, they then decided to look inside the yacht and were shocked to find Mr Bajorat’s body.

Hauntingly, his badly decomposed corpse was found propped up against his radio telephone, as if he was desperately trying to make a final mayday call from his 40 feet luxury yacht. This is why some assumed that his death may have come unexpectedly, maybe from a heart attack.

It was still unclear as to how long the sailor has been dead. Past reports only stated that he was last seen back in 2009. The cause of death remains unclear, but it’s known that he broke up with his wife in 2008, and she later died from cancer.

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