Guy almost had his private part cut-off after trying to hook himself up with an oyster

A 26-year old man from Hougang, Singapore almost had his private part cut-off after he allegedly tried to hook up with an oyster that he bought from the supermarket.

According to an article published by Elite Readers, the anonymous man was said to have felt the urge to deal with the oyster after it looked like the private part of a woman in his eyes.

The man also said that he started to feel not just a craving but a hidden desire for the oyster after he once read story in a magazine about a crab having bitten the private part of a woman. The man thought that the crab might have mistaken the woman’s private part as an oyster.

Although the 26-year-old felt shy about what he did, he admitted that the story about the crab and the woman made him feel a unique kind of attraction towards to oyster.

So, after he drank two bottles of liquor, he went to the supermarket and decided to buy oysters. He even told the seller to give him the largest one in their stock.

When he went home, he immediately carried out his plan. Unfortunately, he only had regrets after doing what he did.

Further reports say that the 26-year-old man had 67 stitches in his private part after his unusual encounter with an oyster. Doctors who operated on him also stated their concern that if the man had went a little further, it could have been possible that his private part would be cut-off.

Well, what can you say about this absurd occurrence?