This guy’s permanent tooth grows inside his nose

When we were young, we have this so called temporary teeth which will later be replaced by our permanent teeth. That is why we were told that it would be fine if we lose our teeth at a young age. But not when we get age, of course.

Our teeth play a vital roles in our lives. We can’t eat and smile confidently without them. That is why many people are into having their teeth get checked by their dentists. But there are also some who don’t care about their teeth. That it would be fine with them if they can’t smile in front of others.

If smiling is your only problem of not having beautiful teeth, try to know about this boy named Ersan Garcia who got worst problem about his teeth than yours.

On his selfies, he often doesn’t smile and show his teeth because of a certain problem that he has.


He has this darkest secret that he doesn’t wanna share with his friends and classmates. His teeth didn’t only grow on his gums but also inside his nose.

KMJS / Youtube

According to him, he had the difficulty of breathing since it started to grow. He always had a handkerchief with him because he’s afraid that someone might see his secret. He then asked help from his sister because he wanted it to be gone after 9 years of having it in his nose.

They decided to ask help from Dr. Gerald Hernandez, a dentist and an oral surgeon. It was found out that his case was called Ectopic tooth eruption which is still a very rare case.

KMJS / Youtube

Ectopic means it didn’t grow on its normal location. For Ersan’s case, it was his central incisor which grow in the left side part of his nose. Some causes of this Ectopic tooth eruption are the wrong timing of pulling the primary teeth, sometimes it’s related with developmental disturbances, such as cleft palate, said Dr. Hernandez.

What they also fear about this kind of case is the infection. That may also affect other tissues and the triangle part of our face.

The doctors had then helped him get rid of the tooth inside his nose. You can watch the full episode of how they have pulled out the tooth and helped Ersan get rid of it.

Watch the full episode of KMJS report about Ersan’s case below:

This is so rare but of course something that we should be aware of.