Guy made sure taxi driver learns his lesson after bumping his car before doing this

Bragging about your money and all the riches that you have won’t give you anything. But if you try to humble yourself and help others because you have enough, then this makes you a great person. Just like the story of a man that you’re about to read.

We all know that there are many things that could happen on the road especially if the traffic is so heavy. There are people who would drive safely but there are also some who would drive recklessly. Each road accident and incident has its own story to tell. Just like Mikkie Belen‘s story.

He had shared how his car was hit by a taxi at the middle of the traffic. And the taxi driver was insisting that it was Belen’s fault. They weren’t able to solve the problem right away¬† so, he tried to report the incident to the police. After the police had checked the incident. It was found out that the taxi driver was the one who got wrong.



But the story isn’t all about who got wrong. It was about how they solved the problem because someone lowered his pride and tried to forgive. This is something that we could learn from and somehow get a lesson. It’s not always about money. It’s about being human because you have understood someone else’ situation.

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He stated how hassle it would be for both parties in getting a police report. There are charges like 200 pesos. And the taxi driver doesn’t have enough. And if he report him to his taxi company, it is also a deduction to his salary. He then tried to think about the situation and ends up forgiving the driver.

Read Mikkie Belen’s whole post below:

Typing this with teary eyes.

Today, I appreciated my blessings more. Kanina, normal day, usual traffic. All of a sudden I felt something hit my car and to my surpirse, binangga na pala ako ng taxi. I can’t even open my door kasi his car was blocking my entire door. And dagdag hassle was the extreme heat plus maraming mura and busina dun sa mga naabalang motorists, ang masaklap eh ako pa yung pinapalabas nyang mali. Right turn only yung road, nasa inner right lane ako, for some reason pinilit nya kong unahan, siguro namiscalculate nya kaya sya tumama. Instead of being apologetic, he seemed proud and parang ako pa yung may mali. Nagsigawan kami sa gitna ng traffic at sa ilalim ng init. That’s why I insisted sa traffic enforcer na I want the matter to be escalated sa police. And nung naexplain na ng police na sya ang mali, he suddenly changed his tone. He “partly” admitted his mistake. Pero sabi ko the damage has been done and nahassle narin kami pareho. And pag kukuha ka pala ng police report kailangan pa pala magbayad ng both parties ng 200 php. He told me “boss 500 nalang pera ko, baka pwedeng ipabuffing nalang natin yan” Syempre hindi ako pumayag kasi tanggal talaga paint, sabi ko tatawagan ko yung taxi company nya para sila sumagot. Yun pala, salary deduction parin pala sa kanya yun. Medyo naawa ako kay manong. But still yung pride ko and init ng ulo nangibabaw. But then how could I take this hard working man’s money. Majority satin bwiset sa mga taxi because the way they drive and sometimes treat passengers. Pero I can’t blame them kasi sometimes rushing is their only way to make ends meet. And when he told me na “lesson learned sakin ito”, that’s when I said na ok na lahat. Na next time ingat nalang para less hassle both parties. Yung hassle at oras na nasayang sa pag file ng report means late ako makakapagbreakfast, but for him, it is 2 hours lost income. If ever you encounter this situation/drivers, make them learn their lesson but please, if it won’t cost you an arm, wag nyo nang singilin. Parang tulong nyo nalang din. Kasi we’ll never know baka for some it’s just the hassle of using their “emergency money” but for these drivers it’s giving up a meal or two for their family.

If you know me well, you know how I love my cars; but this time I’m willing to drive around with a scratched car until I can save to have it fixed rather than taking this man’s money not knowing how much hard time it could cause him.

As my dad always say, we don’t need to have much, just enough to sustain ourselves and to help others kahit konti.

Count your blessings and be thankful for the little things.

PS. I didn’t posted this to ask for pats on my back. I posted this because I believe that good deeds are contagious.

Typing this with teary eyes. Today, I appreciated my blessings more. Kanina, normal day, usual traffic. All of a…

Posted by Mikkie Belen on Saturday, 26 May 2018

Stories like this is really worth sharing.