Girl takes own life after what happens with her and her ex when her boyfriend allows her to hang out with him one night

True and lasting relationships are really hard to find especially in a world full of pretensions. But when one finally gets to meet that extra special someone they cannot imagine a future without, they simply can’t let go.

However, there are times when even two people are truly, madly and deeply in love with each other, there are just certain circumstances that forbid the existence of their love.

Just like in the case of “Kyle” (not his real name). Kyle decided to confess his experience with his girlfriend named Stela through the Facebook page, University Secret Files.

His post was entitled “Patawad Baby”. According to the, Kyle never had a girlfriend until she met Stela at a party. Since then, they somehow ‘clicked’ with each other that they even started chatting and calling each other.

After a year, the two officially declared that they are in a relationship and Stela even gave up her virginity to Kyle. Their friends and even their family members already gave their approval to the relationship.

Then, one day, Stela said that she will just attend a birthday party of her friend named Mel. During that time, Kyle failed to get through Stela’s phone.

Until a man suddenly answered Stela’s phone. He introduced himself as Mark, Mel’s boyfriend. Then, Stela said that she will just sleep at Mel’s place as it was already very late for her to go home.

However, things started to turn out weird since then. Stela no longer answers Kyle’s calls and her parents even restricts him to visit Stela in their home.

A month later, Stela called up Kyle to declare the official end to their relationship. Kyle could not understand what went wrong as he was unaware of what really happened.

It was then that he decided to seek out Mel. During his conversation with Mel, he learned that Mark, the boyfriend of Mel was an ex-boyfriend of Stela. Mel also admitted that something happened to her and Mark during the night of her birthday and that something also happened between Stela and Mark.

After learning about what happened, Kyle rushed to Stela’s house. But it was too late when he got there.

Stela committed suicide and left a note saying  “mahal na mahal kita baby sorry pero hindi ko kaya ung mga nangyare. Mahal na mahal kita alam mo yun” (I love you very much baby. I’m sorry but I could not take thinking about what happened. I love you beyond measure and you know that.)

At the end of his post, Kyle emphasized that he shared his story so that no one else will take after his cowardice. He deeply regrets not being able to be there for Stela when she needed her most.