Demanding girlfriend dictates boyfriend to buy her anything that she wants especially the “expensive” ones

Long distance relationships does not always result in a positive outcome. Oftentimes, the challenges couples face within their relationship does not strengthen but break the relationship entirely.

With this in mind, producers decided to create an American documentary series entitled 90 Day Fiancé that follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa (available uniquely to foreign fiancés of American citizens) and therefore have 90 days to decide to marry before the visas of the foreign half of the couple expire and they must leave the United States.

Previously, the show had been controversial because of various behavior of their subjects that are quite intriguing. Just like in the case of the couple Jorge (26-year-old, American) and Anfisa (20-year-old, Russian).

The two only met online and their appearance in the show was their first time spending time with each other personally.

However, as times goes by, Jorge got to know the real attitude of Anfisa. That is being demanding and materialistic.

Just like when they went to a shop to buy a wedding dress for Anfisa and the sales associate asked the couple as to their preferences on the gown, Anfisa only answered that she wants the “most expensive” gown that they have which turned out to be amounting to $45,000.


Another one is when they went to a jewelry store to buy a ring, Anfisa insisted that they should buy a ring that is “more expensive”, Jorge on the other hand insists that they should be reasonable when it comes to buying things.

Meanwhile, Anfisa says that she only demands for things because Jorge promised to give her everything once she comes to the US. However, her expectations were not met.

Later on, the two had a confrontational talk with each other where Jorge asked Anfisa if she only wanted to be with him because of money, the girl confidently said Yes and argued that if it wasn’t for her sexy body and beautiful face, Jorge could not have fell for her.

On the other hand, netizens had quite the reaction to this video which caused it to become viral on Facebook with over 3.6 million views as of writing time. Many expressed their disappointment towards Anfisa’s behavior and pitied Jorge for suffering because of choosing the wrong girl.

You can see the full video here:

Well, what can you say about the relationship of this couple?