Senator Manny Pacquiao gives ice cream vendor P30,000 spot cash and promised him house and lot

Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao was first known for his extraordinary skill when it comes to boxing. He has repeatedly proven himself in the said sport. In fact, he once held 8 belts under his name during the peek of his boxing career.

Aside form being a worldwide known figure, Manny was known as a very generous man in his locality in General Santos City in Mindanao. He always sees to it that he shares the blessings he receives to the people around him may it be through gifts or projects that are beneficial to the community.

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Now, the “Pambansang Kamao” is once again put on the spotlight after a video of him went viral on the internet. This time, it is no longer about a “power punch” but rather a sincere act of kindness toward a stranger.

According to a post shared by Facebook user Jen Manilay, she shared that while she was travelling with Manny Pacquiao, they came across an ice cream vendor. She decided to buy 10 sticks of ice cream from the said vendor.

As the ice cream vendor was about to leave, Manny Pacquaio asked Jen to call him back. Then, Pacquiao gave PHP 3,000 to the vendor. Moments later, they were already discussing about the family background of the vendor.

At this moment, Pacquiao already pledged to give PHP 30,000 to the vendor so he could enroll his children to a school and thus no longer walk under the heat of the sun to sell ice cream.

Suddenly, the ice cream vendor said that he was only renting the house he was living in. Out of nowhere, Pacquaio said that he will give a house to the ice cream vendor.

The ice cream vendor was left speechless and dumbfounded by the sudden pleasing surprise from the Senator.

Well, Pacquiao never really fails to make his supporters happy with his genuine gestures of generosity towards the people around him.

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