People laugh at him for making holes in Winter Melon, they have no idea how useful it is

Many of us would do everything in many ways just to make a living. However, even how hard we try and how good our intentions are in making such things, there are really people who won’t even dare to appreciate it. And it is sadder if our own families and friends are the ones not appreciating it.

Just like the story of a guy who tried to make money out of a winter melon. You may wonder how he did it but he had done it. His friends made laugh of what he’s doing with the fruit but they were shocked after finding out that it gives so much money to him.

This guy put three holes on a winter melon and his friends laughed at him. They don’t know what the guy is doing but of course, this guy didn’t just do it for fun. He made it because there was something he could get from it-the money.

His ways are amazing. He was able to make money out of it. How did he do it? Let’s find out his ways of getting money out of a big winter melon fruit.

First step: He made a cut on the winter melon.

Then, he made and carved three big holes on it and put some colanders or a funnel-shaped net in each holes. After that, he tied the colanders out of steel wires for it not to fall.

Both ends of the winter melon were pierced with bamboo sticks or twigs.

Then, he put it on the river.

After half an hour, he tried to get the bamboo sticks and it is clearly seen that the winter melon serves as a a trap for freshwater lobsters or crayfish. And alas, he just got a lot of them.

According to him, he’s getting much money in a day out of this simple way that he had discovered. His creativity is something that other youths in the village could get inspirations from and follow. Especially for those, whose way of living is fishing and is related to fishing.

And for those who are not into fishing or in the city, you can buy lobsters in the market or you may visit the prawn fishing shops. This way you could actually help too.