How some famous celebs live their simple lives behind the cameras

Celebrities are often referred to as persons who live a life full of glitz and glamour as they are always in the spotlight wherever they go. It seems that even in the minute details of their lives, paparazzi are still there just waiting for something odd to happen and tell the world about it.

However, beyond the sparkly lights of the stage and the camera, some celebrities still choose to live a simple life together with their families.

Here are 10 celebrities who still choose to live simple lives despite the fame they now have in the local showbiz scene as compiled by GMA.

Anne Curtis

In one of her recent Instagram posts, Anne Curtis shared that back when she was young, she would often buy “Taho” from their suki seller named “Mang Boy”. Recently, the actress came across Mang Boy’s son named “Sendong” who also happens to be a Taho seller and Sendong told the actress that Mang Boy already passed away to which the actress felt really sad. Yet, she still felt glad that she was able to taste Taho again as it brought back a lot of her childhood memories.

Piolo Pascual

Apparently, not all celebrities spend a lot of money on trying to pamper themselves. In the case of Papa P, he himself does the ‘pedicure’ of his toenails. His rather peculiar habit was caught on camera and was shared on social media by one of his co-stars, Alessandra de Rossi.

Ellen Adarna

Aside from the known fact that Ellen is from a well-off family in Cebu, the actress has also been controversial in the past few months after her rumored ‘pregnancy’ that still has no confirmation as of writing time. What people don’t know about Ellen is that she does her own laundry! In fact, she even shared a photo of her doing the laundry saying that it was her new-found ‘career’.

Marian Rivera

Being a mom may be a challenging experience but Marian sees to it that she steps up to that challenge. On her Baby’s first month of being born, the actress prepared and cooked the dishes herself for their family’s simple celebration.

Kim Domingo

The actress had been known for her sexy image ever since she started her showbiz career but people are not aware of the fact that Kim’s personality does not just end with her sexy side. She too is a very on-the-go person, one photo of her that made rounds on social media showed that she used her bare hands while eating.

Kris Aquino

Being one of the iconic names in the local showbiz scene, Kris has constantly been in the spotlight. Despite that, in one of her recent vacation to Hawaii, Kris did the dishes as her ‘kasambahays’ was on vacation too.

Bianca Gonzales

While some people spend thousands of pesos on their wedding, Bianca chose to simplify her own wedding day with now husband PBA star, JC Intal. She wore a gown that was ready-made and even did her own make-up for her big day.

Kris Bernal

Well, it seems that its not just us ordinary people who are fond of going shopping when there is a sale. It turns out that some of the celebs we look up to do so too just like Kris Bernal. A photo of her outside a store with a huge “sale” advertisement was posted on social media. Kris later claimed that she was just saving money in order to build her dream house.

Michael V

As one of the most famous comedians in the Philippine TV, Michael V has starred in various TV shows, movies, and commercials. Despite his fame, he still lives a simple life. In fact, he even rode the LRT in one of the episodes of his show entitled Pepito Manaloto.

Iya Villania

Have you ever tried using soap as a freshener for your closet? Well, that is what Iya Villania exactly did. She admitted that she often has time to organize her clothes that is why she just used soap to freshen up the smell of her clothes.