Carabao goes out of control and plowed into the crowd during a fiesta in Mindanao

Various festivals have been a part of the lives of Filipinos. Most of these are celebrated in honor of a patron saint of a certain city or municipality. Others are also commemoration of charter day celebration of some areas. Regardless of the reason for the celebration, the fun-loving spirits inside each of us always sees to it that we can be part of the festivities.

As such, at a certain fiesta event in Mindanao, many people came to witness the programs prepared by the organizers. Only that an unfortunate event occurred in the midst of the celebration.

In a video posted by the Facebook page Newsgraph, it was said that a carabao went wild, attacking spectators including kids during the the Subanen Festival in Cotta as part of the props of La Salle University.

In the 2 minutes and 22 seconds clip, it can be seen that many people from all ages were all the place to witness the festivities. As it was a gathering for families, many were there to have a good time.

The program was going quite well when moments later, a carabao came running out of nowhere. It attacks whoever was blocking its way as it was assumed that the animal was trying to find its way out.

As an impulse reaction to the situation, people ran away from the carabao in order to save themselves. On the later part, a police officer was forced to shoot the carabao so that it can no longer create more dangerous acts that can damage not only properties but possibly the lives of people.

Fortunately, no one was reportedly harmed during the whole incident and authorities are now conducting investigation as to what caused the carabao to go wild in the middle of the festivities.

See the full video here: