Woman bites off boyfriend’s tongue during their “goodbye” kiss

More often than not, break-ups are really painful for most people. Some even take months or even years in order to move on from a failed relationship. However, there are also others who attempt to take revenge from their exes after the latter cheated on them or did something bad for the relationship to fail.

In the case of a woman from Eastern China, what she did after breaking up with her boyfriend could be the most bizarre thing anyone could ever do to a person they have been in a relationship with.

According to some onlookers, the bizarre incident happened when a 23-year-old man had asked to break up with the 26-year-old woman, and she wanted a last kiss. The man had to be rescued by police after his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend bit his tongue and refused to let go.

Police try to separate the couple as the young man cries in pain whilst onlookers are watching

In a report by Daily Mail, officers in Anhui Province had to use pepper spray on the woman to free the man.

The man is seen bleeding from the tongue and crying in pain

The woman’s parents explained to police that their daughter recently became ‘mentally unstable’ after being scammed while shopping online, and that could be the cause of her behavior. The parents also said that their daughter and the man had been in a relationship for several years. They didn’t comment on whether or not they were breaking up.

A woman in China bites onto her boyfriend's tongue in a 'breakup' kiss and refuses to let go

A mobile phone footage of the incident have been making rounds in various Chinese social media platforms. The footage shows the couple appearing to be kissing outside the town’s disease control and prevention center. The man can be also heard crying for help as he was struggling to break free from the ‘bite’ of his now ex-girlfriend.

The woman's parents said their daughter was 'mentally unstable' and attacked the boyfriend

Further reports on the incident stated that the man was later on taken to a hospital for proper medication while the girl was taken to her parent’s house so she could be taken care by them.

See the full footage of the incident here: