Instead of playing, these kids spend time in the middle of an “empty” fish pond to find fish

In most tropical countries just like the Philippines, one of the main sources of income of citizens is fishing. As such, people also learned to develop various tricks in order to catch more fishes so that they could return home with a lot of catch and be able to sell them and earn profit out of it.

In a story featured through a documentary program of GMA entitled Brigada, a certain group of three kids spend their time not in front of television or gadgets just like other kids do nowadays.

Instead, they enjoy playing near a fishpond so that they can also perform their own method of catching fishes, the so called “pangangapa” method.

Totoy, Jeric and Xyrone are three friends who have been practicing the “pangangapa” for years now. Pangangapa is the method of catching remaining sea creatures in a dried out fish pond by touching the soft ground under the shallow water of the fish pond.

Together with their other friends, the kids perform the “pangangapa” everytime they hear the news of another fish pond harvesting the fishes they cultivated for the past months.

Xyrone, the most experienced among the three said that he started doing the “pangangapa” back when he was just 7 years old.

When asked as to why they kept doing the “pangangapa” instead of just sitting and playing around, Totoy answered that it was because they do not have food to eat or money to buy rice. So, as their way of helping their parents, they resort to their simple way of trying to earn money.

At a young age, these kids are already aware of how hard it is to earn a living for your family. They have already been exposed to the harsh truth and daily struggle of life. However, what is admirable it that despite difficulties, they still manage to put smiles on their faces and still live with optimism in their hearts and minds.

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