Google satellite image of a pond accidentally solved 2006 mystery case

These days, we seemed getting different news of people who were lost and victims of different crimes. Mostly, about unsolved crimes. It is and will always be painful for those who were victims and for those families who were left hanging because of the unexpected happenings. Just like of the story that you are about to read.

It is about David Lee Niles who was lost without any information and couldn’t be found for about 9 years. What happened to him was something that his family couldn’t accept and made them feel mournful. Until one day, one guy became the answer for the unsolved and mysterious thing that happened to David. It was because of the car that he noticed under the lake and is also visibly seen in a google map.

David, 76, was lost in the evening of October 11, 2006 after meeting his friend. According to his parents, he went to a local pub house in Byron  center, Michigan which is in “Jake’s Bar”.

After meeting his friend, he was said to get out of the pub house hurriedly. They said, maybe it was because of his sickness “cancer” that he was in a hurry. After that, they’ve never seen David.

His family who were left very sad of what happened, tried everything to search and look for him. For five years, they did everything to find him. Until such time, they lost hopes of finding and seeing him again.

He was then believed to be just dead and his name was posted in an obituary saying,  “Davie Lee Niles, age 72, of Wyoming, passed away and only God knows the time and place.”

9 years after his said to be death, a guy named Brian Houseman, noticed a car beneath the lake. He saw it while he was fixing Christmas tree outside the Cook Funeral Home in Byron Center.

Many people were shocked about this car beneath the lake which is clearly seen in a satellite image of google. Brian made news about this in Wood-TV. The car is only miles away from where he was standing and it can’t be seen immediately for the lake wasn’t clear enough.

Police authority then took the action and went to the said place. They were able to get the car which really looked like a rotten one because of its very long stay under water. And they also found a body of a man, who was confirmed to be David Lee Niles.

David’s family were very saddened of what happened to him but they were still thankful that he was returned to them. He many no longer be alive but at least they will now be mourning with his body.

It isn’t still clear of how his car went to that lake but the police authority believed, there was a foul play.

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