Gifted Physics professor gets ignored on public transport because of his “outside look”

In a world full of pretentious stuff, it becomes a struggle to fully know a person based on their behavior. We may hate to admit it but it is a given fact that most people first look at the physical appearance of a person before approaching them.

Oftentimes, those who are shabby looking are less regarded than those who are well-dressed.

Just like in the case of a PUP Professor who experienced discrimination from the people around him. People who are not even aware of his true identity.

According to a post by Rozel Billones, she shared the story about an encounter with Prof. Madridejos of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. According to Rozel, Prof. Madridejos was waiting for a ride one day but jeepney drivers were not letting him ride, saying there were no more seats available even though there were still some.

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After a few more vehicles passed, Rozel was able to ride on one and Prof. Madridejos sat next to her.

According to Definitely Filipino, while inside the jeep, passengers seemed to look at the professor with judgement in their eyes. Prof. Madridejos just shrugged off their stares and even aired out his sentiment saying he could not understand why drivers did not let him ride the jeepney when he is in fact a senior citizen.

Little did they know that the man they mocked is a popular professor in PUP. Rozel even added a photo of a write up about the professor.

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According to the write-up entitled “The Hokage of Physics in PUP”, Mr. Ruben Madridejos (or Sir Madri to others) is a faculty member at the Department of Physical Sciences, College of Science. In 1973, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City; he graduated Cum Laude.

In 1985, Sir Madridejos flew to Berlin, Germany to finish his Master of Science in Geophysics, for free, because his study was state funded. After 10 years of studying and completing his MS in Geophysics, he went back to the Philippines in 1998 and applied as an instructor in PUP and worked in the Bureau of Mines.

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Indeed, it is never right to judge a person by just their physical appearance, it is more important to know them first rather than just discriminate them out of nowhere.

Just like what most people say, a book cannot be truly appreciated by just looking at its cover.