Couple finds hidden treasure with cash and a diamond right in their backyard

Oftentimes, there are things inside or around our homes that are just not given any attention at all. These things may include old cabinets, broken pieces of steel materials, and rusty old boxes.

However, this certain couple somehow hit the jackpot when they found out that a rusty box lurking in the dark side of their house turns out to be a box containing treasures that have an estimated worth of $52,000.

In a report by CNN, Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel thought a piece of rusty metal behind some trees in their backyard was just part of a cable or electrical box.

When the couple first moved into their Staten Island home in New York, they took notice of the metal box but did not pay much attention to it.


Until one day, their backyard was damaged by wildfire and the metal box became even more prominent in their view. So, the couple decided to dig it up and they were shocked by what they saw inside.



Pieces of jewelry of all sorts are inside the box especially rings with gemstones attached to it. “Hundreds, jewelry, diamonds, engagement ring. Dozens of rings, gold with jade. It was stunning,” Matthew said.


When they searched the contents of the box, they were able to find a paper with an address written on it. The address is that of their neighbor.

So, the couple decided to return the box. Later, they discovered that the safety box was in fact stolen from their neighbor back in 2011.

According to the couple, many people asked them why they decided to return such kind of an amazing find. They simply answered that it wasn’t even theirs in the first place.

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