Yanny or Laurel? The internet has gone crazy over this audio phenomenon

Oftentimes, we come across mind boggling photos, videos, or audio clips that might really challenge or even make us question if we are seeing or hearing things right.

Just like in the case of this viral audio clip which has been a subject of debate for the past few days. Upon hearing the clip for the first time, you may find that there is nothing wrong with it. Not until you come across another person who hears a different thing being said in the clip.

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This is where the challenge of proving what is really the name being said by the man in the audio comes in. As more and more people are hearing different names said in the clip, it has sparked an online debate.

To clarify the misunderstanding made by the audio clip, a Neuroscientist named Tyler Perrachione gladly shared his own expert explanation as to what is the reason behind people hearing two different sounds in one audio clip.

According to Tyler, the sound a person hears greatly depends on the frequency he or she is listening to. As in the case of the audio clip, it is a distorted version so there are lots of high frequency sound recorded in it.

The difference in the sound people hear like some hearing Yanny and others hearing Laurel all depends on the frequency they listen to. Today you may be able to hear Yanny while tomorrow you will only hear Laurel – that all depends on the frequency you are listening to.

See the full video of Tyler’s explanation here:

So, what do you hear when you listen to the controversial and intriguing audio clip? Are you part of the Yanny team or are you a member of the Laurel squad?

Test yourself by listening to the full clip here: