This is how Nancy of Momoland looked when she was young

Nowadays, kpop, kdrama and everything related to Hallyu is somehow taking over the world by storm. It seems that more and more people are becoming attached to the korean culture. With that, one of the most famous personalities in the kpop industry is Nancy Jewel McDonie or more commonly known by Nancy.

Ever since a candid video of her went viral online, people became more eager to know more about her and who is she as a person.

A few quick facts about her is that she is a member of Momoland, a girl group based in Korea and that she can dance and sing really well at the same time.

But, did you know that since Nancy was young, it has always been her passion to dance and sing in front of the crowd?

In fact, she even joined the Korean version of the Got Talent franchise which was then called “Korea’s Got Talent”.

In childhood photos of her that circulated online, it is already evident that the young Nancy has a bright future ahead of her.

Just her sweet smile alone could already melt the heart of anyone who sees her.

As an aspiring artist, she really worked hard on her craft especially in becoming a better singer and dancer that everyone can look up to.

Well, she is now living proof that hard work really pays off. Just look at the fame she has now.


She is simply too good to be true. Don’t you think so too?

See the full video here: