Couple found true love with each other despite being teased of their individual differences

In a world full of deception and lies, it becomes a struggle to distinguish which is the truth. But, there are still certain moments and persons that prove that in this world, the true kind of love still exists.

Just like this Thai couple who has been the subject of criticisms from people around them all throughout their relationship but still decided to fight for their right to love and now has earned the respect of not just the people around them but the world as a whole.

In a viral Facebook post by a netizen named Pu Aramboy, he shared wedding images of the couple on social media. Many netizens were intrigued by their photos especially when it comes to the difference in the physical appearance of the couple.

After a little digging, it was found out that the guy, whose name was Boonmee Khanthong had a distorted face caused by broken capillaries. During his younger days, his family looked for any sort of medical treatment in Bangkok, Thailand. Luckily, they found one but failed to complete it due to financial problems.

Because of his peculiar appearance, people in his village often teased him that he will never be able to find love.

However, he disproved them all when he met Phatsara Obnak in Hat Yai City.

Since then, the two somehow ‘clicked’ with each other and romance started to grow bigger and deeper that resulted in a romantic relationship that soon flourished into a wedding.

Indeed, love comes and blooms in unexpected ways. Don’t you agree?