Secret feature of tape measure you wish you knew ages ago

A tape measure is probably present in most homes. You must have used a tape measure to measure different things, but do you know some hidden secrets of it?

You may not have noticed how many strange features are in these things. Every problem you’ve ever faced with a tape measure has a solution built in that you didn’t even know about.

This video has some truly surprising information you will be glad to know the next time you need one of these. Surely, you will be amazed once you check it from this perspective.

The metal slot on the end of the tape measure has something to do with nails. If you are by yourself and don’t have someone to hold it in place for you, a screw or nail can be put in and it will hold the measure in place.

The serrated edge is also made with a purpose. In case, you don’t have a pen or pencil with you, you can use it to mark the material.

The moving hook has a reason too. For precise measurements, push it in so you can measure corners more accurately, and pulls out to hook onto outside surfaces.

And the mysterious number on the base of the tool will actually tell you the exact measurement when measuring from the floor. Add the number to the measurement you got and you’ll get the precise one.