Ellen Adarna posts “haircut” video of John Lloyd Cruz after news of being sued over paparazzi issue

Ellen Adarna has been always known to have a very strong personality especially when it comes to her bashers. She always had her unique way of making them more irritated instead of giving in to their requests.

This recent controversial case between the actress and her alleged paparazzi is no exception to Ellen’s attitude. As we can recall, a netizen named Eleila Santos who turned out to be a 17-year-old teenager first aired out her side via Twitter after Adarna posted a video of her in the former’s Instagram story claiming that she was a “paparazzi.”

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The news went big on social media that many netizens also expressed their opinion on the issue. A week later, Eleila’s mom, Myra Abo Santos posted via Facebook that she wants Adarna to issue a public apology because of what the actress has done to her daughter.


Santos also wrote on the said post that she will not hesitate to file a lawsuit if Adarna fails to meet her condition. As there was no response form the actress, Santos pushed through with the lawsuit that she was planning to file.

Amidst this issue, Push reported that Adarna seemed unfazed at all. In fact, she even posted a video of herself giving her boyfriend, John Lloyd Cruz a haircut.

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The less than 1-minute clip shows that the two are really having a good time and does not seem to care at all about the issue surrounding them. That includes that paparazzi issue and the never dying pregnancy issue of Ellen.

Well, what do you personally think about this issue?