Man saves a lioness in the wild, 7 years later they meet again

There are many types of animals that exists in this world. There are those that are meant to be in close relations with humans and there are also others that are feared by many either because of their appearance or the venomous substance inside their bodies.

Most animals that are feared by humans often live in the wild and their lives are documented by some brave animal rights advocates or scientists.

Through videos of these animals captured and shared through various mediums, people often get a glimpse of what really happens in the wilderness.

In a story shared by Reveal the Secrets, an animal expert named Kevin Richardson saved a drowning lioness. The two lioness was in danger and luckily Kevin found them. The experts named the two Amy and Meg and both of them are like soulmates because their actions really speak for them that they truly care for each other.

After seven years, Kevin decided to meet with one of them and capture the amazing reunion using his GoPro.

It can be noticed that the lioness have grown into great hunters in the wild as their bodies grew twice since the last time Kevin saw them.The video taken by Kevin also showed that the instincts of the animals really works as they did not see Kevin as a threat but welcomed him warmly as he approached them. It can be presumed that they still know the person who saved the despite the many years that passed.

On his part, Kevin also shared that he really has some sort of an inexplainable connection towards animals. “You could meet many, many people in your life, but there’s a few you could actually connect wholeheartedly,” Kevin said.

See the full video of the heart-touching reunion here: