Barangay Kagawad candidate gives out “Bangus” to voters

It is now again election season in the Philippines. This time, it is on the Barangay level that citizens get to choose on who they want as their leaders.

As you can recall, the Barangay Elections have already been postponed twice in the past because of various reasons. Finally, the government made the decision to push through with it so that others may also be given the chance to serve.

As there are many who are interested to hold positions in the Barangay level, candidates try to have their own unique strategy of campaigning so that they will be noticed by their voters.

There are others who put up their posters in trees, some have unique shapes of flyers and there ar also others who have very catchy jingles that people can sing along to.

However, this candidate had the most bizarre way of promoting herself as a candidate during the Barangay Elections.

What she used as a medium for her campaign materials is “BANGUS”.

Yes, you’ve read it right, the Pambansang Isda or the National Symbol for Fishes the Milkfish or more commonly known as “Bangus”.


Apparently, the Bangus was given out to the voters and it was put inside a transparent plastic. Right above the Bangus is the flyer of the said Barangay Election candidate and the position she is running for.

Woah! Indeed, people are really creative when it comes to finding new ways of being known and remembered.

Do you think this idea is clever too? Tell us your thoughts.