Guy suffers from harsh revenge from girlfriend after their break-up

Relationships does not always have a happy ending. Some end in a nice way while there are times when two people really end up with bad blood towards each other.

There are also times when both partners try to take revenge on each other after breaking up. Some resort to making themselves better while there are also others who just forget their past entirely and just look forward to their future.

However, in a certain trending case of this ex-couple, what the former girlfriend did was the literal type of revenge that is – destroying properties of her ex-partner.

In a post by Facebook user Jerome Boltron Gustilo, he shared photos of a destroyed phone and a car full of scratches. The post came with the caption, “Potangina kasi pag break na walang siraan, kingina mo”.

One of the photos uploaded with the post shows scratches on the right side of a beige vehicle. The scratches were obviously not a product of an accident but it was obviously intentionally made by someone.

Another photo also showed that the back part of the vehicle was also filled with intentional scratches which could have been made out of a stone.

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Even the wind shield of the car was also filled with incoherent writings. It is evident that whoever did such was really full of hatred to the owner.

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The last photo included in the post was that of an iPhone. The phone’s screen had cracks all over and its LCD was completely broken. Only 25% of the screen can be read, that is the upper left portion, the rest is just plain black.

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Many netizens reacted to the post which caused it to be trending with over 14,000 reactions and 10,000 shares just a few hours after it was posted.

Well, what can you say about this? Do you think the ex-girlfriend did the right thing? Or was it too much of a revenge?