Creative fishermen use empty plastic bottles to catch a fish and it looks effective

Innovations and advancements in technology no matter how small or big they may be is always a welcome development to the rest of the world. Throughout the years, numerous inventions had made a breakthrough in society and life had never been the same.

But, did you know that even things that some people just throw away can be transformed into an improvised instrument that can be useful in various ways?

Just like this invention made by Fishermen from Cambodia. What they used to catch fishes in a small pond is just plastic bottles! How can they do that?

Well, allow us to tell you the step by step procedure as uploaded by the Youtube channel, Cambodia Wilderness. First, just collect plastic bottles that you can find in your neighborhood. Other things you will need will be scissors, nylon, and bait.

Next, tie the end of the nylon to the rear part of the bait. This will serve as your connectors to your main instrument and to the fishes.

Then, by burning a piece of wood, you can create a hole in the cap of the plastic bottles. You have to create two identical holes. Nylon string should be used to tie the between portions of the holes you made.

You also have to make a small hole in the rear part of the plastic bottle. This is where the nylon string could pass so that it can be connected to all the other plastic bottles. Your plastic bottles are now ready!

Next thing for you to do is to find a stick- it can be a branch from a tree. Form the stick into an arc shape just above the water.

Then, you can attach the plastic bottles to the arc you made. Just make sure it is attached in a reversed way.

Lastly, put worms to your bait to attract the fishes and leave the location for a few hours.

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Tadaaa! fishes are now caught by your improvised fishing equipment!

See the full video here:

This is indeed an amazing invention. Don’t you agree?