Single woman chooses to make her younger sister extremely happy by surprising her with a new iPhone

There may be many types of love that exist in this world but the filial type will always be the most valuable and unconditional. Others may come and go but family will always stay.

This is exactly what is exemplified by this simple but adorable gesture between sisters.

In a post by Facebook user, Xtal Ruby Mae Arche, she shared how she surprised her little sister with an unexpected gift. Through the post, Ruby jokingly said that because she does not have a boyfriend, she will just turn her attention to her beloved sister.

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She further said that her sister deserves the iPhone she gave as a gift because she has been obedient to all of Ruby’s orders. Ruby also added that she saved part of the money she gains in order to buy that gift for her sister.

As an explanation to her gift, Ruby wrote that it was because her sister’s phone was broken and that it has also been a long time since she asked her to buy a new phone.

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The older sister also added that although she may not feel well, it’s fine as long as she is able to surprise her younger sister.

Indeed, the bond between family members cannot be compared to any other types of relationship in this world. Nothing compares to the unconditional love our parents shower upon us.

Additionally, although the relationship between our siblings may be like that of Tom and Jerry at most times, it still remains true that they will always be there whenever we need them.

See the full video on the surprise gift here: