Wedding organizer airs out sentiment after ungrateful newlyweds refused to pay 30k package

A wedding is really considered a huge gathering which is why couples tend to see to it that everything is prepared well and the whole wedding ceremony goes smoothly.

It is often a given option to hire the services of a wedding organizer so that the couple can just focus on looking forward to their big day without stressing over the preparations for it.


However, it turns out that wedding organizers can experience worst things too while doing their best to live up to the expectations of their client.

In a report by Pilipino Scoop, a wedding organizer whose identity was concealed aired out his sentiment via Facebook regarding his awful experience during one of the weddings that he organized.

According to the post, the partied have come to an agreement that the client will pay the amount of PHP 30,000 in exchange of the services of the organizer and other inclusions.

The wedding organizer claimed that on his part, he can say that they were fully able to deliver 100% of what was expected of them.

However, when it came to the point of collecting the money owed to them by their client, it seemed that no one was willing to pay. Worse, some of the relatives even claimed that the whole event they organized was a flop. Their argument was even raised and tried to be settled in their barangay.

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Gusto ko lang ishare ang experience ko sa pagcacatering sa Pamilyang eto especifically sa babaeng eto first time kasi…

Posted by Migs Melegrito on Tuesday, 8 May 2018


As many netizens came across the post, there has been mixed reactions regarding the issue. There are others who sympathize with the wedding organizer and there are also others who can relate to the couple.

As of writing time, there is still no response on the part of the couple regarding this issue.