Their instrument detected metals during a test, so they started digging and found a cavity with treasure

The Earth surely has a lot of secrets buried underground waiting to be discovered. And with the help of modern instruments like metal detectors, treasure hunting has never been this easier and precise.

One day, this group of technicians partnered with videographers documented the field testing of their new instrument that detect metals buried below the Earth’s surface.

Unexpectedly, their supposed documentation turned into more fun and exciting when one of the instruments detected a metal nearby.

But the exact location of the detected metal belongs to someone else’s background. So, they asked permission from the lot owner and discussed terms before heading out to authorities and report their findings.


They soon started excavating the location of the treasure by putting a temporary perimeter walls and the digging process commenced.

After more than 3 hours of digging, they found this rock. They slowly dug out the rocks and found this cavity.

Very soon, an ancient burial ground opened right before their eyes.

Without wasting any time, the excited archaeologist went inside the ancient tomb and begins to unearth several artifacts including jars, coins and many more.

But the gold that was detected from the sensor is missing so he used his portable metal detector to further investigate. After a while,  it pointed them to a particular rock giving them an idea that the gold must have been coated inside it.

Sure enough, several gold coins were found inside this rock.

The group reportedly turnover it to authorities. They were then given a financial reward of 250,000 Euros.

On the latter, it turned out that the tomb belongs to a wealthy woman.