Girl threatened by a “bolo” after trying to collect her money from a borrower

There is no question when one person decides to help another in times of dire need especially when it comes to money matters.

However, anyone who borrows money should also be responsible enough to give back the money they owed to their creditor. After all, the money was really theirs in the first place.

Although this sort of responsibility is often repeatedly emphasized before one is allowed to borrow money, it seems that when the collecting time comes, people tend to forget that they agreed to this arrangement in the first place.

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Just like in the case of this netizen named Bella Tanaya who shared her frightening experience via Facebook.


According to the said post, the netizen did not expect that there are people who are willing to use extreme means such as using “bolo” to threaten the collectors of the money they owe to someone.

She also said that it could have been better if the said debtor just frankly said that she does not have money to pay for her debt instead of scarring away the collectors by using bolo. They could have had a winwin solution if the debtor did not use extreme means.

In the photos uploaded along with the post, it seems that the debtor was really enraged and the collector had no choice but to vacate the area at once before something worse happens.

We’re just glad that nothing serious happened to the collector as a result of the rage of the debtor. If that happened, the debtor will surely have a bigger dilemma.