Fan throws her underwear to Bruno Mars during his Manila concert

Music is and will always be a vital part of everyone’s existence. There may be differences when it comes to the type of music people listen to but the fact that music transcends through time will still remain.

All throughout the years, many music icons come and go while there are iconic names that still remain in the hearts of many. In this generation, one of the biggest names in the music scene is Bruno Mars.

He first gained fame when his single “Just the Way You Are” became trending in 2010, since then, we have seen how the Hawaiian superstar has changed the game in Hollywood’s music industry. Add to that the swag in his every move and style that makes him a true icon not only in pop but in fashion. And also his not so bad looks either!

Despite the fame he now has, Bruno still sees to it that he gives due attention to his fans. In fact, he treats his fans like he would a friend – by showing nothing but kindness, acknowledging them on his success, and bringing a whole lot of fun in their lives with his antics.

In a report by Showbizread, during the Manila leg of his 24K concert, an unexpected moment happened. A female fan was caught on camera throwing a what would appear as a thong on stage just as the singer was performing “Locked Out of Heaven”.

While that moment alone already seemed crazy enough, Bruno even did something crazier when he decided to pick up the undergarment with his own fingers and even dance with it.

As the video spread online, netizens had varied reactions regarding the video. There were ones who find it still entertaining and adored Bruno for being such a good sport. There are also others who think otherwise.

Watch the video here and how the superstar reacted: