Female passenger shares traumatic experience and video of a man groping her “chest” inside a bus

Riding a public transportation has its own share of pros and cons. One main pro is that the fares are way lower than hailing a private cab or car but one main con is the risk of sitting beside a stranger and being harassed in various possible ways.

Just like in this traumatic experience of a female netizen while she was riding a public utility bus.

According to a post shared by Arbie Clare Datul Angobung, it took many doubting moments before she finally decided to share her experience so everyone will be aware and be more observant of the people around them.

As she said in the post, she first rode a bus but as there were no vacant seats, she was forced to stand up while travelling. This lasted for almost two hours until a seat finally became vacant.

So, Arbie gladly sat on the vacant seat. Little did she know that she was able to sit beside a pervert guy. At first, the guy was trying to talk to her and she responded with his little talks so she could not be misjudged as a snob.

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Later on, the guy somehow went out of line when she asked Arbie to put away her bag. As she was wearing shorts during that time, she already knew that the guy was planning to hit on her.

So, she decided to secretly take a video of the guy.

Suddenly, the guy put his jacket between them and that is when he ‘groped’ Arbie’s breast.

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At that moment, although she was still scared, Arbie gathered up all the courage left within her and confronted the guy right there. It was evident in the guy’s reaction that he was really guilty.

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Here is a video of the whole incident:

Arbie also pleaded to the netizens to share her post so that everyone will be aware. She also asked the help of everyone so that the guy may be identified and punished accordingly.

See her full post here: