Filipino inventor successfully runs vehicles using water as fuel

Filipino inventor Noli Dazo is the talk of the town after showcasing a spectacular invention that can run vehicles using water as fuel.

Dazo developed a machine he calls after his last name “Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen” that can break water into two elemental state – oxygen and hydrogen gas in which the latter used as the main fuel to run any vehicle.

The Filipino inventor graduated from Southern Nevada in Computer Science & Engineering. He is also an “Outstanding Filipino Inventor of the Philippines” according to Philnews.

“The Only One in the World and Only One in the Philippines, for 90 million TODA from Region 1 to Region 12 , Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao…gumamit na ng ” Tubig Na Gasolina ” ni Noli Dazo “, 3x times faster than premium gasoline , “Outstanding Filipino Inventor ” in the field of Innovative Products Invention .Best of the Best in the Philippines!

How It Works

In simple terms: Petrol and diesel fuels are inherently inefficient, and a lot of the time there is unburnt fuel. The Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen better known as “Tubig Na Gasolina ” gas burns much more quickly, cleanly and more powerfully. With 3 times the power as standard petrol or diesel, and this, in turn, helps to fully ignite and burn the standard fuel going into the engine.

Also, as the ” Tubig Na Gasolina ” provide slightly improved power, you need less acceleration, therefore, less fuel to go the same speed. Finally, as the bi-product of burning ” Tubig Na Gasolina ” is water (more specifically steam) this will cool the engine, making it run cooler, therefore, more efficient, plus you get a ‘steam cleaning’ effect on the old carbon deposits inside the engine, giving more benefits for the engine.”