Dead body buried on its grave along with appliances found at home

Oftentimes, when a family member leaves us at an unexpected time, the remaining family members always sees to it that they give a proper burial ceremony so that the dead family member will still feel loved even when he is laid to his resting place.


There are also cases where some family members already know that their time is near thus, they see to it that they leave their family with one last request regarding what they want to happen during their burial ceremony or who will be left to take care of their assets that they could no longer take to the afterlife.

In the case of this peculiar burial that made rounds online, people were intrigued as to the kind of burial ceremony that is recorded in a video.

In a post by the Facebook page Thời Sự Nóng, it can be seen that a few people were working on putting things beside a casket inside a grave.

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What made the post gain the attention of netizens is that the men were trying to fit in various home appliances such as television, table and electric fan in the small grave that they built.

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More surprisingly, a motorcycle was even made to fit in the small grave! Whoa!

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Later on, they sealed the grave with a cover made from several pieces of wood.

It is still unknown if this event is a part of the tradition of the people in the video or it may also be because of the special request of the deceased.

See the full video here:


Regardless, this sure is a unique way of paying respect to a deceased relative. Don’t you think so too?