Motel offers unique kind of “Romantic Love Chair” to spice up customer’s experience

In order to attract more customers, various perks and gimmicks are always formulated by the marketing staff of all types of businesses. There are these buy 1 take 1 promos for common household goods, there is also the discount for department stores and fast food chains, and there is this rather unique kind of attraction at a certain motel.

What we are talking about is this so called “Romantic Love Chair” which is promoted as a “special” add-on which can be found in the VIP rooms of a motel.















Well, when we talk about rooms, you may be reminded of the “Red Room of Pain” from the famous book turned movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” where the main character, Christian Grey takes his “submissive” to the said room and beats them as part of his ritual to have a “better”  experience.

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The red room is full of various adult toys as well as tools that are used for pleasure and pain as described in the book.

In the case of this motel, their unique addition to their VIP rooms is something that left a lot of netizens baffled.

The so called “Romantic Love Chair” has left a lot of netizens intrigued as to what its real purpose is. Well, we will also leave that to your imagination on how you interpret the usage of this chair as seen in the photo below:

The said post from the motel already made quite a buzz online as many netizens wants to see the “Romantic Love Chair” in person.

Take a look of the post below:

What do you think? Will you pay a visit to this hotel too to check out their “Romantic Love Chair”?