Netizens were moved by the photo of a selfless man watching this little girl eating his favorite Jollibee meal

Oftentimes, our parents or grandparents always see to it that they give us the best kinds of things. Although at times, there are certain objects that are no longer affordable for them, they still put our well being first before their own. This just shows the kind of unconditional love they have for us, their children.

This is probably why many netizens can relate to the viral photos of this grandfather and granddaughter.

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The two are just eating in a certain fast food chain but many were touched by the selfless gesture done by the old man. As seen in the photos uploaded by the Facebook user XiasAng Pagaran, an old man was sitting across his granddaughter inside a fast food.

Then, one can notice that there is only one serving of meal ordered for both of them and it was only the granddaughter who was eating. The old man already seemed contented just by watching his grandchild eat to her heart’s content.

The said post came with the caption, “Maka kain lang ang apo sapat na sa kanya. Gaena sa Jollibee, Calumpang. Makakuha kaayog atensyon si lolo. Godbless sa imuha lo ug sa imuhang apo.”

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Indeed, this photo shows the typical type of sacrifice our parents or grandparents do for us every single day. As their children, we may not be able to appreciate it at times but they are already sacrificing their own happiness for us.

Therefore, we should not forget to express our thanksgiving to our parents and grandparents even with their little gestures towards us. After all, what is so hard with saying thank you for everything that you receive?