Girl drops her loose panty in a park during her first date with her boyfriend

All of us have had their fair share of “embarrassing experiences” in the course of a lifetime. Some of these experiences are really funny when one decides to look back on it and there are also others that may be embarrassing at a certain period but when you remember it in the future, you will realize that it also taught you an important life lesson.

In the case of this anonymous girl, her most embarrassing experience is really something that is quite unexpected but is really hilarious.

In a story shared anonymously through the Facebook page, Read and Laugh, a girl only known by the name Yeyeng shared a story entitled “Pantyless”.

According to the story, it was on a saturday when Yeyeng woke up late and only had a little time to prepare herself for her first ever date with her boyfriend. However, she only had one dilemma, she no longer has any clean undies that she could wear.

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As she no longer had time, she was forced to wear a very loose panty. Because she no longer had clean pants, she was also forced to wear a mini skirt.

She then went to the mall where she is supposed to meet her boyfriend. Then, they ate together at a fast food and decided to have a good time at a nearby park.

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When they were taking photos of each other at the park, something really unexpected happened. Yeyeng panty came loose. Yep, it literally fell into her toes. She really felt ashamed during this time as there are many people who witnessed what happened.

Most of the onlookers’ faces are stuck between pity for the girl and just laughing at the unfortunate incident.

Lucky for her, her boyfriend was there to support her. They went to the nearest comfort room and just laughed off about what happened.

Read the whole story shared on Facebook here:

"Pantyless"Share ko lang yung pinaka nakaka putanginang nangyari sa buong buhay ko! Sabado ng umaga. Pag tingin ko…

Posted by Read and Laugh on Thursday, 7 December 2017

Well, if you were in Yeyeng’s position, what would you do?